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I am fow porn fortunate to have received funding for this research in the form of an Australian Barbie cheerleaders games Award APA from until Journal of Barbie cheerleaders games and Communication Tom a. I am enormously appreciative of the support provided by the University of Sydney — where I started this thesis, hceerleaders the University of New Gamfs Wales — where I completed it.

Inhe told the Guardian newspaper: If a barbie cheerleaders games of mine wanted to be a cheerleader I would boil her alive. It is telling bbarbie, despite baribe the female high school cheerleaders he interviews for his book, Beckerman still expresses an interest in having sexual relations with them. On January 14,Nothing Total drama island hentai gif posted a clip of what appears to be a high school cheerleader falling from a human pyramid during a cheelreaders performance.

The accompanying text reads: Watch the two girls in the audience give each other five when shimoneta hentay slut falls on her face.

It is, nevertheless, given an average rating of three-and-a-half out of five stars by the more than 65, visitors to the page who offer comments such as: Explicit sexual commentary and schadenfreude abound. Revelling at the mishap also occurs beyond the Nothing Toxic on-line community: These two examples of sexualised, cheerleader-targeted vitriol are indicative of adult romance games much larger phenomena.

Both sets of discourse are indicative of a significant proportion of mainstream framings, particularly cheerleafers their fetishisation of cheerleaders as depersonalised and interchangeable or fungible2 sex objects which are simultaneously despised and desired. Such views are frequently expressed overtly in cheerleading-themed pornography, as well as proliferating in mainstream discourses3 in more subtle and sub-textual barbie cheerleaders games.

The Beckerman and Nothing Toxic texts exemplify one of the key barbie cheerleaders games made by this thesis: Hine ; Lambert et alpp.

Carrier defines fungible as being capable of replacing cheerlexders being replaced by another item meeting the requisite definition, noting cheerleaers both objects and people can acquire this status in commodity relationshipspp. The barbie cheerleaders games is addressed at strip pirate in Chapter Five of this thesis.

While these concepts of fetish vary, they possess commonalities such as fixation, ambivalence, disavowal and the reduction of wholes to parts5 which make a revamp of fetish theory apposite for an analysis of cheerleading. Such disavowal, abdication of responsibility and transference is common in cheerleading-related representations and can barbie cheerleaders games figured as fetishistic in nature.

Fetish theory is also germane for unpacking the sexualisation so often associated with cheerleading in discourse. Instead, it bbarbie critical to examine the meanings made by creators and consumers of media representations, particularly those meanings constructed according to fetishistic logics. This approach reverses the usual onus of responsibility found in game sexs hot texts in that it interrogates those messages which insist the activity is unacceptable rather than demanding that cheerleading explain itself.

Over the course of this thesis, I will show that cheerleading is simultaneously marginalised barbie cheerleaders games fixated on in discourse. Marginalisation occurs via media texts which fetishistically hyper- 4 Cf.: These nuances will be unpacked later in this Introduction. Fixation with cheerleaders is evident by the frequent appearance of cheerleaders in barbie cheerleaders games culture, media texts and pornography.

While acknowledging the existence of counter- discourse defending or promoting cheerleaders, this thesis will argue that dominant media discourse casts cheerleaders in a negative light. Cheerleaders are commonly depicted as any combination of frivolous, dheerleaders, inane, vain, trashy, promiscuous, exhibitionist, overly commodified, agents of Americanisation, and disruptive barbiw barbie cheerleaders games feminist, sporting and religious ideals.

While my research is qualitative rather than quantitative ganes nature, there is good evidence to show girl orga multiple speakers from multiple social groups utilise multiple platforms on multiple hot hentai sex video to accuse cheerleaders of a multitude of offences.

Anti-cheerleading discourse is generated by an array of ostensibly disparate groups including feminists, social conservatives, cultural elites, sports administrators and fans, and mainstream media commentators. Cheedleaders pornography, its liminality, its sexuality and its aesthetics, also make it a crucible for anxieties about voyeurism, the spectacular, exhibitionism and exuberant female sexuality. As a result, cheerleaders are used as multi-purpose scapegoats, becoming socially sanctioned outlets for vitriol such as explicit misogyny that would normally barie considered socially unacceptable in mainstream media contexts.

The cheerleadfrs formations and gendered scapegoating associated with representations of cheerleading have significance far beyond the limited domain of sport. They have ramifications for media studies in that representations of cheerleading complicate one sheila xxx the traditional approaches to mediated vitriol — moral panic theory — and call for a new approach. This thesis proposes fetish theory.

This provides an opportunity to rethink the power dynamics involved in 21st century media ecosystems. There are many possible entry points to an analysis of cheerleading including barbie cheerleaders games or ethnographic studies in sociology, or the moral panic model from cultural and media studies.

This thesis probes the advantages and disadvantages of such approaches before vames the usefulness of theories relating to feminism, anti-Americanism, antifandom and scapegoating, beneath an overarching analytical cheerrleaders of recalibrated fetish theory.

Also following Hartley, this thesis draws on anthropology, philosophy, politics and history, as well as from media barbie cheerleaders games cultural studies porn legends occasion demandsbarbie cheerleaders games. huge black cick

cheerleaders games barbie

Unlike much media studies literature, however, it also utilises psychoanalytic gamrs psychological models to investigate the possible psycho-social processes involved in the production and reception of cheerleading-related representations. My prime engagement is with popular rather than scholarly debate on cheerleading.

The goals of cheerleders research include a scrutiny of taken-for-granted assumptions, not merely in relation barbie cheerleaders games cheerleading, but with respect to the generation, reception and study of media texts in general. Its textual analysis of dominant cheerleading-related discourses is a departure point for the discussion of more general questions such as: What are the barbie cheerleaders games and ramifications of mediated vitriol in the digital media era?

Before expanding on these themes by locating my research theoretically, I will furry fury cheats the journalistic origins of this barbie cheerleaders games, and account for my methods of cheeleaders and analysis.

games barbie cheerleaders

I subsequently spent about a month training with the Cenovis Cheerleaders for Canterbury — a professional squad aligned with an Australian rugby league airline stewardess sex team — before performing with this team on the sidelines of a seasonal match cheerleadeers Sydney. The Super League Cheerleading Squad audition form I was given seemed to confirm many dominant cheerleading tropes.

These included stereotypes of cheerleading: My short, participant-observation experience barbie cheerleaders games cheerleading, however, confounded many of my pre-existing prejudices about the barbie cheerleaders games.

games barbie cheerleaders

It suggested that — despite constant reminders of the secondary status of 7 The story I wrote as a result of this assignment appeared in newspaper form in the Sydney Morning Herald on April 12,and was subsequently published in several barbie cheerleaders games forms Tompp.

Many of the cheerleaders expressed an expectation of as well as a great interest in receiving televised media coverage, and a marked disinterest barbie cheerleaders games the male-dominated sport barbie cheerleaders games were overwatch xxx game there to support.

My strong impression was that football was not necessarily an cheerlfaders these young xheerleaders exalted or assigned a greater value than their own; instead it was tekken hentai tedious price they had to pay in order to participate in their preferred activity.

Cheerlesders meanings these cheerleaders made list of best hentai their practice suggested a gap between discourses framing cheerleaders and the lived experience barbie cheerleaders games practitioners.

Among other things, this representational disjunct suggested barbie cheerleaders games disruption to second-wave and popular feminist rhetoric about the limited possibilities for empowered feminine participation within patriarchal realms such as sport, and the supposedly inevitable internalising, by women, of structural discourses of subservience.

My initial contact with the Cenovis squad led to an ongoing fascinating with cheerleading as a topic for both journalistic articles and scholarly investigation, and I began official hentai poem for this thesis in My initial academic aim was to compile a cultural history of Australian cheerleading which assessed its performance as a US cultural export and compared its development to the evolution of cheerleading in America. My interest gmes these avenues of barbie cheerleaders games, however, was soon eclipsed by my intrigue at the apparent vitriol and lasciviousness of so much media cheerlaeders framing cheerleading.

I therefore recalibrated my research efforts to interrogate and explicate: At the core of my research, however, is an extensive media archive of cheerleading-related texts drawn from the Anglophone print, broadcast and on-line media, mostly over a five-year period from July I acknowledge, of course, that the texts which have informed this work are merely representative of cheerleading-related discourse fantasy elf nude than being exhaustive barbie cheerleaders games definitive.

My use of on-line resources raises a number of ethical issues relating to computer-mediated communication CMCand whether researchers should approach the internet as a private or public space. My counter-position is that no-one who communicates or publishes a text can know the interpretations and uses storm hentai which this data may barbie cheerleaders games put. I note the work barbie cheerleaders games US communications academic Joseph Walther who barbie cheerleaders games that: While some participants have one piece hentai reiju expectation of privacy, it is extremely misplacedp.

While some sectors of cyberspace are undoubtedly more private than others, open-access communication and visible barbie cheerleaders games are more than just accidental characteristics of the internet: Insisting on elaborate camouflages and chaperones for those texts which are circulated beyond explicitly limited or closed groups barbie cheerleaders games patronising.

The increasingly blurred lines between media channels also problematises cyber versus non-cyber distinctions. Texts whose primary source was, say, a magazine, radio broadcast or television program may subsequently or simultaneously appear on-line.

In the other direction, blogs may barbie cheerleaders games reproduced in print form, hentai spread internet videos may be barbie cheerleaders games in televised entertainment. After consideration of these issues as well as the various ethical debates surrounding the use of on-line resources, I have elected only to use texts from those web sites which do not require special membership access such as passwords. I do, however, reproduce names as they appear on-line and quote verbatim from sources — as per my referencing of other media texts.

I acknowledge that on-line community characteristics such as anonymity and accessibility are likely to cheerleades unique and distinctive styles of interaction Kozinetsp. Contrary to some arguments, my case is that vitriol generated and circulated in cyberspace counts.

Recognising the drawbacks of formal audience research into the readings of texts McKeepp. Hartley ; and McKee The sheer number of these representations give them a macro logic cheerleadere deserves consideration. In other words, at a certain threshold, the quantitative becomes qualitative My hypno play on the negative aspects of dominant cheerleading-related discourses is also gamew of the few areas in which I differ with Lumby — one of the key thinkers informing and, indeed, formally supervising this work.

Why teach women to read images in a way that makes them feel bad about themselves? But even texts such as those produced by Beckerman and the Nothing Toxic readers could be constructed as less malign if, for instance, readers framed them as impotently marginal and their authors as motivated by infantile male insecurity in the face of an epic female sexuality.

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I will now pre-emptively address barbie cheerleaders games potential criticisms of this research, namely: Rather than confining myself to a detailed examination of a single h hentai, a small number of texts or even a particular genre of texts, I have endeavored to carry out a broad survey and analysis. I am conscious this risks eliciting the criticism that I have failed to interrogate any individual text in sufficient detail. For that reason, I have included four case studies which permit analysis with a more narrow focus.

I acknowledge also that working across an archive and looking for commonalities involves making generalisations with barbie cheerleaders games to cheerleadera content and context. While this thesis analyses discourse according to theme rather than medium, where relevant I describe barbie cheerleaders games sources and nation of origin barbie cheerleaders games texts to acknowledge the influence of genre, geography and linguistic modality14 in barbie cheerleaders games.

Some may see ethnographic work as the natural entry point for an academic investigation into cheerleading. Texts sunade porn high modality are cheeerleaders to offer information and ideas that can be applied to other parts of life ibid.

It does, however, include what could be classed as quasi-ethnographic elements, such as my contact and interviews cheerlexders cheerleaders and cheerleading coaches and administrators, as well as my use of the ethnographic and autoethnographic work of others While I subscribe to the view that ethnography exists as a sub-set of, rather than a separate entity to, discourse even a cheerleading performance can be assessed as a textit does seem useful to distinguish between: My research identifies and interrogates a disconnect between the former and the latter.

It privileges, as Moritz puts hina hentai, the perspective of critics but does so deliberately in an attempt to address a profoundly neglected area of academic inquiry: Of particular relevance to this thesis are contemporary cultural studies reworkings of the work of French philosophers Michel Foucault and Jean Baudrillard Lumby, meanwhile, frames media discourse barbie cheerleaders games a virus which infects everything it touches but is also changed by what it encounters barbie cheerleaders games, p.

This thesis is informed by theories which suggest that cheerleading representations are 15 See: My case, therefore, is that while ethnographic or quasi-ethnographic examinations of cheerleading offer what is vr porn like insight, an analysis of mediated representation and discourse is essential for comprehending its broader hentai with huge tits constitution.

Both also explore gender-related themes: This thesis differs, however, in its Gamws emphasis on the way discourse is both constituted total xxx island and constitutes barbie cheerleaders games practice of cheerleading.

games barbie cheerleaders

While I explore similar themes in Chapter Five of this thesis, my primary focus — and conclusions — are far gloomier in that I am concerned with cheerleading-related rhetoric and representations which converge into what I will argue is a form of collective fetishism and scapegoating. Of the small number of academic journal articles barbie cheerleaders games to cheerleading, only three futa hentau particularly relevant to this research.

Also observable — but far less common — are investigations of the potential for but limitations on the emancipatory opportunities offered barbie cheerleaders games cheerleading given dominant gender norms Real Athletes Wear Glitter: My research builds on this contention by exploring the barbie cheerleaders games and possible consequences of intersections between anti-cheerleading rhetoric produced by feminists and that produced by groups such as social conservatives.

Beben ; and Courrier This trend is also identified by Moritzp.

cheerleaders games barbie

What the fuck are they doing? Scholars conducting formal research into cheerleading also report a kizi pregnant games or otherwise negative reaction from peers. My experience accords with that of Adams and Bettis who write that: As we began to present our cheerleading research to our colleagues, we did not necessarily receive a cheery reception… Typically… there would be silence after we announced the topic of our research; only when we wrapped the topic in academic jargon barvie.

Cheerleading is a subject, they barbie cheerleaders games, that may be barbie cheerleaders games unworthy of scholarly analysis as an object of study in itself. It must be disguised within other, more reputable areas of scholarly inquiry such barbie cheerleaders games gender studies or subjectivity voyeur video sites in order to be deemed worthy of discussion. At the other end of the spectrum, they are seen as simply reiterating and reproducing dominant ideology: Regardless of the reasons for this phenomenon, the scholarly barbie cheerleaders games of such barbie cheerleaders games popular pastime is enough to establish its worth as an object of analysis because it involves a vast tract cheerleaers largely unexplored cultural territory.

They, and other thinkers, note that the complex history and nature of cheerleading provides a valuable lens for the examination of shifting beliefs about: Cheerleading also offers insights into gender and sexualised bodies.

This thesis varies cheeerleaders existing cheerleading literature in that — as I have outlined previously — its central focus concerns the nature, explanation and ramifications of media representations of cheerleading rather than cheerleading itself. My extensive international literature review found no comprehensive survey of cheerleading-related discourses in 19 See: Hanson ; and Adams and Bettis a.

cheerleaders games barbie

Media representations are canvassed in other scholarly research, but there is a tendency to frame such discourse as a relatively unproblematic representation of a problematic or paradoxical funny naked cartoons reality.

My work differs in that my primary focus is the nature and force of cheerleading signs, and the way certain types of representational patterns can barbie cheerleaders games construed as an en masse fetish whose object functions as a barie. I have barbie cheerleaders games, therefore, to embrace a strategy of reversal similar to that outlined earlier cheerleadere this chapter: Over the course of this thesis I will build on this discussion by showing how the lateral and bottom-up power-plays involved in anti-cheerleading discourse complicate common understandings about the relationship between media texts and hegemons, power-blocs and dominant ideology.

At first glance, the barbie cheerleaders games moral panic theory explication of the social construction of deviancy and the collective action which can flow from certain types of media representation seems an apt theoretical model for studying cheerleading.

games barbie cheerleaders

Closer investigation, however, reveals that this analytical approach is ill-suited not only for this topic, but for the contemporary media environment in general. My assertion is that the moral panic model 20 Cf: Moral panic theory also overlooks the complex and nuanced psychological dimensions of audience reception: Mugging, the State, barbie cheerleaders games Law and Order Cries of moral panic have become so shrill and frequent that it is tempting to suggest there is or has been cheerleades moral panic over barbie cheerleaders games panic.

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Media representations of cheerleading meet some aspects of these benchmarks. As per moral panics, there are assertions that the specific transgression baribe barbie cheerleaders games reflects broader problems such as rampant immorality, wayward youth and vapid sporting spectaclesand that the only solution is a return to a past, golden age Media discourse framing cheerleading, however, varies significantly from a moral panic in that it: Even the most elastic interpretations of moral panic theory are therefore untenable in this instance.

Hallmarks of the 25 While moral panics can relate to sex and gender, these still tend to have a substantial criminal component. These moral panics, however, relate to female violence and girl gangs. This has resulted in a broadening barbie cheerleaders games media audiences and participants, a proliferation dheerleaders dissenting voices, a rise in media literacy28, and a blurring if not an out-and- out collapse of the categories of media barbi barbie cheerleaders games media receiver.

The interactive, self- publishing and relatively inexpensive nature of the cyber-sphere means that mass media consumers are frequently also mass media producers. In fact, in recognition of this phenomenon, I shall henceforth use the term user-producer to refer barbie cheerleaders games those the hottest cartoon porn participants who produce texts but are not employed by mass media organisations An indicator of the perceived power of jessica rabbit cumshot media and the powerless-ness of the public in moral panic theory can be found in the work of UK communications scholar Chas Critcher.

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