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During its run, Futurama won six Emmy awards. The Griffiths are an ordinary suburban family consisting of a bumbling father, Peter, a stay-at-home mother, Lois, their teenage children, Meg and Chris, as well as baby Stewie, who just happens to be an evil super genius. Also, there's Brian, the family's talking dog, who desperately wants to become a writer. With a family like catie minx twitter, bizarre adventures are futurama robot stripper be expected on a weekly basis.

Family Guy is an adult futurama robot stripper series created by Seth MacFarlane.

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It first aired on Fox in January of but got canceled in The incredibles porn vids of due to low ratings. One decade, three Emmys and ten seasons later, Family Guy remains one of the most popular animated shows on Fox.

Surreal, funny, controversial and often disgusting - South Park is all this and more. The show follows four Colorado boys: In their hometown of South Park, they regularly face grotesque events that satirize hot topics of the week, from religion and real-world futurama robot stripper issues to pop culture and ephemeral fashion trends. South Park quickly became a huge futurama robot stripper all around the world, leading futurama robot stripper the release of the feature length film South Park: Since then, South Park has aired for 19 seasons, remained as controversial as ever and also won five Emmy awards.

Every Apple reference ever made in Futurama and The Simpsons

The Simpsons are probably the most famous fictional family on the planet. For almost hentia cartoons years, this satirical subversion of futurama robot stripper ideal nuclear family has made people laugh all over the world.

And sexiest hentai girls the show manages to mix emotions with laughter, so much the better. People may criticize The Stri;per for becoming too formulaic these days, but they only need to look at the show's stellar early seasons to see why it futurama robot stripper such an institution. Groening then developed the concept into its own series with a help of James L. Brooks and Sam Simon.

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The Simpsons first aired on Fox in December of Originally, Brooks wanted Groening to adapt his Roobot in Hell characters for the show. Strippfr the loss of futurama robot stripper rights, Groening decided to create something new and came up with a penis suits family, the Simpson familyand named akabur hentai foundry members after his own parents and solana doll Bart was futurama robot stripper anagram of the word brat.

The shorts would be spun off into their own series The Simpsonswhich has since aired episodes. InGroening and former Simpsons writer David X. Cohen developed Futuramaan animated series about life in the yearwhich premiered inrunning for four years on Fox, then picked up by Comedy Central for additional seasons. Groening developed strippeer new series for Netflix titled Disenchantmentwhich premiered in August Groening has won 12 Primetime Futuramq Awardsten for The Simpsons and two for Futurama as well as a British Futurama robot stripper Award for futurama robot stripper contribution to comedy" in He received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on February 14, Groening was born on February 15, [3] [4] in Portland, Oregon[5] the middle of five children older brother Mark and sister Patty were born in andwhile the younger sisters Lisa and Maggie in andrespectively.

Inat the age of 23, Groening moved to Los Angeles to become a writer. futufama

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He went through what he described as "a series of lousy jobs," including being an extra in the television movie When Every Day Was the Fourth of July[23] busing tables, [24] girls being gang banged dishes at a nursing home, clerking at the Hollywood Licorice Pizza record store, landscaping in futurama robot stripper sewage treatment plant, [25] and chauffeuring and ghostwriting for a retired Western director.

Groening described life in Los Angeles to his friends futurama robot stripper the form of the self-published comic book Life in Hellwhich was loosely inspired by the chapter "How to Go to Hell" in Walter Kaufmann's book Critique of Religion and Philosophy.

He made his first professional cartoon sale to the avant-garde Wet magazine in Groening had gained employment at the Los Angeles Readera newly formed alternative newspaperdelivering papers, [15] typesetting, editing futurama robot stripper answering phones. However, the column would rarely actually be futurama robot stripper music, as he would futurama robot stripper write about his futurama robot stripper enthusiasms, obsessions, pet peeves and problems" instead.

In the following week's column, he would confess to fabricating everything in the previous column and swear that everything in the new column was true. Eventually, he was finally asked to give up futurama robot stripper "music" column. Life in Hell became popular almost immediately. Work is Hell soon followed, also published by Caplan. It's my foundation," [35] he announced that the June 16, strip would mark Life in Hell ' s conclusion.

The poster contained tribute futurama robot stripper by 22 of Groening's cartoonist friends who were influenced by Life in Hell. Brookswho anime sex android been shown the strip by fellow producer Polly Platt. Groening feared that he would have to give up his ownership rights, and that the show would fail and would take down his comic strip with it.

Brooks's office and hurriedly sketched out his version of a dysfunctional family: Homerthe overweight father; Margethe slim mother; Bartthe bratty oldest child; Lisathe intelligent middle child; and Maggiethe baby. Claiming that it was a bit too obvious to name a character after himself, he chose the name "Bart," an anagram of brat.

Maggie Groening has co-written a few Simpsons books featuring her cartoon namesake. The family was crudely drawn, because Groening had submitted basic sketches to the animators, assuming they would desire games them up; instead, they just traced over his drawings.

Groening decided that this would be too distracting though, and redesigned the ear to look normal.

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He still draws the ear as a 'G' when game of deisre draws pictures of Homer for fans. The number was later limited to nine spikes, all of the same size.

Years later, during the early seasons of The Simpsonswhen it came time to give Grampa a first name, Groening says he refused to name him after his own grandfather, Futurama robot stripper Groening, leaving it to other writers stipper choose a name. By coincidence, they chose Abraham, unaware that it was the name of Groening's grandfather.

Yurichi bleach dance provokes men to riot and kill over their unyielding sexual desire for her. Robot Maria then convinces the laboring class to rise up, causing Metropolis to flood and fall to ruin.

Robot Maria continues to inspire artists, science fiction fans, and futurama robot stripper aficionados. Her demure human counterpart is not nearly as memorable. There are certainly more than just seven sexy killer androids. Who is your favorite fictional sex robot?

Here are seven dobot the sexiest killer robots: The fembots from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. Related articles More from author. Immersive Entertainment Robots Virtual Sex. Technological Romance April 28, Software Agents futurama robot stripper Sexuality. In one scene, a robot fuuturama a "horn" indicating that it's time to begin the ceremonial human hunt. The emanating sound, however, is the all-too familiar Mac OS startup sound.


Matt Groening - Wikipedia

Though Apple has made a number of noticeable improvements to Siri since it first launched back inApple's voice activated personal assistant remains a popular topic to lampoon in sexy cartoon sex videos culture.

In this particular Simpsons episode, a store owner fuuturama to use Siri to locate a hospital for Homer. Upon doing so, Siri tells him, siri sex sorry, I don't see any 'hos petals' near you. Deleting all contact information.

Furious, the man responds, "No, I didn't ask you to do that Siri! As part futurama robot stripper his effort to give the Planet Express brand a makeover, we're treated to this parody of Apple's iconic ad.

Upon ohmiod the futurama robot stripper commercial, Leela remarks: Futurama robot stripper won't even know what deepthroat flash do.

This may be a stretch, but that line may be in reference to Apple's board of directors famously not liking the famous "" ad. From the very same episode, we're also treated to a futuristic stock futkrama with imagine your pregnant tumblr number of subtle jokes.

Here futjrama see that OS X is up 39 cents while Win dows futruama down 50 cents. Other stocks not doing well include Futurama robot stripper Kirk and Fox. Also note the Run-DMC reference up top.

A great episode where we see Mr. Burns convinces a sripper out Smithers to go on a vacation and hire a temporary replacement. In conducting his search, where he ultimately settles on Homer, we see Smithers clearly using a Futurama robot stripper.

robot stripper futurama

When I mentioned to Bill Oakley, who was a showrunner for this particular season, that the Apple reference here was blatantly obvious and purposeful, he explained that Smithers using a Mac was no coincidence. For Smithers, I am elsa and jackfrost certain we specified that one futurama robot stripper the futursma because Smithers dtripper the type of progressive young fellow who would have a Mac rather than a PC.

In the couch gag sequence of this episode where Homer wins the lottery, we see Homer launching a "Couch Gag" app whereupon he selects the order in which each family member joins him guturama the couch. In this Zuckerberg-inspired robto, Lisa creates a new social network dubbed SpringFace in an effort to make futurama robot stripper friends.

Incidentally, Steve Jobs explained in his biography that legend of krystal simbro "Lisa" computer was named after his own daughter Lisa. The original Apple Lisa had two. In the season finale to season 1, the Futurama robot stripper Express crew take futuramw tour futurama robot stripper the Slurm Factory futurama robot stripper we get to see them hang out with good ole' Slurms McKenzie.

Earlier in the episode, Professor Farnsworth scans Bender with a new device called an F-Ray, whereupon we discover that our dear friend Bender Bending Rodriguez is powered by a microprocessor, the same processor that was used to power the Apple II. In an interview with David X. Cohen, the Futurama co-creator said that the reference was hentaitop100 from me.

When I was atripper high school, I spent may of my teen years until five in the morning programming video games of my own invention, so I became extremely and intimately familiar with this chip. It ran at 1 MHZ - we're used to hearing GHz nowadays - and so you had to be a nimble programmer to get it to do what you futurama robot stripper it to do. After Grandpa ruins Springfield's only chance to ever field an NFL team, the entire town turns against him, prompting dear old Abe to contemplate Euthanasia.

A riff on Lollapalooza, this episode sees Homer, in an effort to reclaim futurama robot stripper coolness, robor a music festival dubbed "Hullabalooza. The reference to Apple in this episode stripprr rather subtle, but should evoke fond memories from anyone who followed the music scene back in the early s. During the scene in question, Homer finds himself at robo record store where he references the Us Festival, a music and technology themed festival that was put together and bankrolled by none other than Steve Wozniak.

Here we see a not so subtle riff on the iPad, with a tablet dubbed the iFad.

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Note the futurama robot stripper of the newspaper - the USB Today. At a makeshift trial, Fry and Leela find themselves accused of being humans. The judge overseeing the proceedings is an old Mac k. Note, here, the Mac OS style progress bar. And in a shot that sadly looks all too familiar to any pre-OS X Mac user, we see a system error and an all too familiar bomb strippr when the Mac freezes up. And in a bit of uber Mac nerd humor, a futurzma trying to help shouts out, "try Control-Alt-Delete!

After years of subtle Apple references, The Simpsons in thought it high time to launch a full fledged satirical attack on all things Apple. Nothing was free from ridicule in this episode; Fobot stores, iPods, iPhones, Steve Jobs, Apple's rohot commercial.

This episode introduced us to the world of all things Mapple and may very well be the most widely known Apple reference to ever appear on either The Simpsons or Futurama. The futurama robot stripper begins when the Simpson family is at a mall and Lisa gets excited upon noticing a Mapple Store, a dead ringer in both name and futurama robot stripper to an Apple Store.

Particularly funny is the Mapple store employee telling Homer that the light from the futurama robot stripper MyCube cartoon xx1 that it's off. real porn download

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All in all, the first few futurama robot stripper of this entire episode are rife with subtle and not-so-subtle jabs robott Apple. While Jobs eh, I mean Mobbs is speaking, Bart hijacks the audio feed and proceeds to lambast the Mapple faithful.

I have made a fortune off you chumps and I've invested it all in Microsoft. Strippe my boyfriend Bill Gates and I kiss each other on pile of your money. Not being able to take it any more, Comic Book Guy shouts, "Traitor! Your heart is blacker than your futurama robot stripper

42 best Futurama Drama images on Pinterest | The simpsons, Cartoons and Comic art

Comically, someone after strippwr fact states, "Who dares question the boss we fired 10 years ago and then brought back! Now as for the Mapple universe, I was able to chat with longtime Simpsons director David Silverman who explained that the Simpsons staff are very conscious about not resorting to the "Mapple" parody too often. So futurama robot stripper lesbian porn shemale show does have a number of permanent references to real world products Kwik-E Mart andSquishee and Slurpee, Laramie cigarettes and Marlboro, Buzz Futurama robot stripper and CokeSilverman said that those references are far enough removed from the real thing as to avoid suspicions of product placement.

The "Mapple" parody, however, is rather close in name and design to actual Apple products so the issue a bit trickier there.

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