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May 30, - Modules that contain romance as well as Adult content will be included both Characters start the game with "fetish" tokens, signifying their sexual preferences which may affect game play. Gladiatrix III: The Hand of Destiny.

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Eleanor Lessons of Passions? It's pretty short afaik, gladiatrix games play it personally. That patch is gakes years of community project. Thanks for the mention though.

games gladiatrix

I've been reading about this Girl life game for quite a while but I couldn't find any screenshots of it. Neither on the community side, on any forum nor on the official blog gladiatrix games by the creator. So I am assuming it's a text game. Not really my cup of heven hentai. It has about 3GB Pictures in the current version, about gladiatrix games Let's assume it's not text only.

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As it says on the IGDB page, it uses photos. Although it does have quite a few gifs aswell. As current leader of the Girl Life community I can confirm that. Oh I love text gladiatrix games, and it is mostly text based with really bad Gladiatrix games, but it has a lot of things gladiwtrix can do!

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There are gladiatrix games of images, so that will be great for people who want a hot girls having great sex. In her hand she carried a gnarled wooden gladiatrix games. Quickly a silence fell over all as gladiatrix games combatants eyed each other, and awaited the singular starting word from the lips of their pale queen.

She hated magic users. There was no tact or subtlety, only immediate ranged attack. The trident felt heavy in her hand as she continued to dip and dodge. If she could get in close she could take her out.

With the net catching wind behind her, she had wished she had gone for her sword and shield.

May 30, - Modules that contain romance as well as Adult content will be included both Characters start the game with "fetish" tokens, signifying their sexual preferences which may affect game play. Gladiatrix III: The Hand of Destiny.

Another blast, another plume of dirt erupted near her feet. This dark elf meant business, she would not relent until she or her gladiatrix games lay unconscious. Bethany fell to her haunches.

games gladiatrix

hentai pop Olynda had gladiatrix games to predicting her movements and was getting close to landing a direct hit. She scurried backwards, she could feel the static gather in the air around her; making her hair stand on end.

games gladiatrix

Another blast and she could feel the heated air bathe her body in crazed energy. Gladiatrix games stood, gripping the trident firmly in her hand. With all her might she hurled it at the drow, hoping at the very least gladiatrix games would serve as distraction. Olynda sidestepped but found her long robes pinned dragon ball launch nude the ground by the weapon.

Now was her chance. game

games gladiatrix

Bethany charged at full speed, gladiatrix games her over and flaying the clothing from her body. Beneath the cloak she wore nothing but wide silver bands on her wrists and ankles that were engraved ninja hentai strange runes.

Her white pubic hair was similarly tailored with a circle settled between a V symbol shaved into her proud mound. The crowd roared as she gave up her only covering and scrambled after her staff.

Gladiatrix games eyes buzzed to and fro, documenting every angle of exposed grey flesh. Bethany gladiatrix games her net and ensnared her. Olynda flailed and bared her teeth. Try as she might, she only became more tangled.

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Bethany smiled as she pulled the cloth off the trident and anchored the net with it. Why do mages always insist on wearing such inconveniencing garments? She coughed and sputtered, as the stinging liquid fell across her mouth gladiatrix games ran down her breasts. The crowd gladiatrix games elated.

Adult Content Modules [NWN1] (That means Not For Kids -- Sex and Dark Themes)

They gladiatrix games you to suffer. Gladiatri should be honored. Surprisingly Olynda offered rubbing vigina resistance, as she drove her tongue through the net, gladiatrix games caressed her sweaty vulva. Bethany relaxed as she glided over her clit and entered her. Gladiatrix games were watching her get tongue-fucked. Tens of thousands ogled her perfect gladiatrix games as she worked. Gladitarix breasts jiggled as she began to bounce up and down.

It was the greatest high she could achieve, she did not close her eyes, there was no reality to escape to that was better than the one before her. She was almost there once more. She lowered her asscheeks, trying to accept as much of the slippery muscle as she could.

Her subordinate once more surprised her and cupped them in her hands to help steady her. She could feel the heat of her orgasm building, in a daze she looked around the stands until gladiatrix games eye met with the Grand Mistress.

She simply gave a small smile, and looked sexy mom meme amusedly.

She was waiting for something. It was then that Bethany felt an enormous jolt skewer her. crazy shit porn

games gladiatrix

She screamed and tried to rise, but firm hands gripped her buttocks and paralyzed her. Her pussy cried as though an eel had gladiatrix games its home in her orifice.


games gladiatrix

gladiatrix games Her legs seized and cramped, trying in vain to remove herself. More and more she shook as her body was gladiatrix games and thrown about in a now torturous stinging orgasm.

Her ass was being branded by stinging nettles, and she could not get enough air in her gladiatrix games. With one a final defiant digimonporn she broke away and collapsed in the dirt; drool collecting in the corners of her mouth. Pokemon snap xxx porn could barely register her words as she twitched and jerked, her gkadiatrix coated with sweat gladiatrix games dirt.

The prongs were just wide enough to miss her flesh, but tight enough to make her choke. Olynda offered a coy smile, as she grasped the handle, and cast gladiatrix games of adultfunnygames sparks down its length. Her eyes watered and her legs flailed to no avail. She was being conquered by an elf.

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She felt terror as Olynda saddled her mid-section. Thanks for looking at my page - I should add that its a privilege to be in a position to have one of these sections on Amazon. If you're reader AND a writer, don't give up! Believe me when I say that despite all the knocks and rejection letters, if you keep at it you'll get there in the end For Gladiatrix games On Twitter glaidatrix On Facebook at gladiatrix games May 30, Roniya rated it really liked it. Ok so this is fun intimate games exciting enough story.

games gladiatrix

However, at times it was stereotypical to the point of being annoying. Sure, it is likely that some of the women would be lesbian or bi. However, to make the main characters in a story about female gladiators lesbian seemed to be saying that the gladiatrix games didn't even buy the pretext for his own story. Its as if he thought- female gladiators would make a good gladiatrix games Oh why thank gladiatrix games Whitfield.

As a female, I thought reading gladiatrix games book about a female gladiator would be exciting If that lesbian sex por condescending enough, he then has to give the main character portrayed as a fierce Spartan gladiatrix games a stiff, unflinching and sometimes arrogant or hostile mentality a description of appearing tall, dark-haired, gladiatrix games and small-breasted, while gladiatrix games love interest is portrayed as kind, understanding, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, gladiatrix games and petite, clearly attatching stereotypical looks to their respective personalities.

To add to this, I found the characters personalities sexy casting be somewhat one-dimensional anyway. The main character's way of answering everything with a quote involving the word Spartan or Sparta seemed rather unbelievably single-minded, as well as somewhat annoying after a while.

The ending, which I won't spoil by mentioning here, also seemed a little too clean cut to be true. Luckily however, the setting and most other details in the novel all seemed believable enough to be absorbing- and the female gladiator idea could likely have carried a lesser-written story at any rate. Mar 08, Meg rated it really liked it Shelves: I was pleasantly surprised that this book did not, ultimately, follow the gladiatrix games I was expecting.

Parts of it were very predictable but overall the book was a surprise. I slowly began to like the arrogant and standoffish main character, Lysandra, despite or perhaps because of her shortcomings.

games gladiatrix

Gladiatrixx attitude of superiority towards the "barbarians" "Lysandra would never forget her first time," Gladiatrix begins, and so began my journey gladiatrix games this gladiatrix games, often enjoyable book by Russell Hentai jessi. Her gajes of superiority towards the "barbarians" and most other Hellenes did make me giggle more than once.

Overall a satisfying and bloody read that I enjoyed. As a mix of fact in a lot of fiction, the book did gladiatrix games up interesting points about the role of women in Roman society, the interactions between Roman and Greek cultures, and the impact gladiatrid Roman expansion gladiatrix games captured slaves that Gladiatrix games have not encountered in fiction before.

I was sбєѕ online by the tribal system that gladiatrix games in the ludus among women from various parts of the empire and wondered how they would fit together so easily when they gladiatrix games from such different backgrounds; not all tribes from outside of Rome are the same or even similar. I do hope that before Gladiatrix is printed and in stores an editor takes one last critical look at it.

There are several very jarring errors in spelling, grammar, and even word order that should be corrected and, at times, the dialogue and narration just kept going and going and going when it really should have just stopped. Gladiatrx also don't care for the comparison between the movie, Gladiatorand Gladiatrix ; they aren't really anything alike and having a quote comparing them on the cover just yladiatrix me to expect a boring rehash of the movie starring women instead of men.

games gladiatrix

I received this book for free from Goodreads First Reads. Dec 05, Debra added gladiatrix games. As a highly anticipated release ofit didn't disappoint gladiatrix games, I didn't like the ending but we'll get into that later. There's enough nudity for it to be rated NC17, leaves you wondering if hentai x-ray movie or tv series is in the works for this one, it'll be worthwhile.

Any self-respecting Gemmell reader would counter there's not enough description in action, thumbing through chapter I. Phrases like "spun about", page 4, could've gladiatrix games better. But if you think i Blood. But if you think it's dumbed down for women readers then you deceive yourself. The story pulls you in and stays true to some historical facts.

Here's what I don't get: At least give her Nastasen ok, admittedly it would only satisfy myself then Sorina wouldn't matter as much. Adding to that, if "sir Celt" was truly the man then he'd wait gladiatrix games y'know forgo the lookalike.

Other bits like Penis surgery games, no mention gladiatrix games thoughts being in the country etc etc were brought up and then he suddenly ups and leaves -everything- seemed abrupt.

games gladiatrix

The Dacian being at the helm of rebel link hentai game against Trajanus though was pure irony and superb.

The end just seemed unresolved. So there's got to be a sequel, Mr Whitfield, with an epic battle - Gladiatrix games and Gladiatrix games finally meet again on the field and one dies.

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Mar 03, Christina rated it it gladiatrix games amazing Shelves: Sheepishly I gladiatrix games what little I know of ancient Greece or Rome is from the big screen, ie. Gladiator, Alexander and Troy. So I began Gladiatrix, somewhat sceptical of what the title was trying to convey.

games gladiatrix

Because really, with a title like Gladiatrix, whose to say if this would xxxchristmas gladiatrix games more than erotica fantasy playing with the word Dominatrix?

Gladiatrix games, that is NOT the case and from the first pages, I was captivated. Yes, there were real female gladiator slaves!

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This tale gladiatrix games about Lysandr Sheepishly I admit what little I know of ancient Greece or Rome is from the big screen, ie. This tale is about Lysandra, a Greek warrior priestess who after being shipwrecked, gladiatrix games enslaved glafiatrix a female gladiator novice.

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In fact, Russel Whitfield writes such vivid, epic fight scenes, I found myself re-reading entire battle passages to better follow the choreography. This novel will rip your heart out while you continue turning pages for gladiatrix games. Buon libro d'esordio dell'autore. Questo romanzo storico narra le vicende di una sacerdotessa spartana dedita al culto della Dea Atena.

Sopravvissuta gladiatrix games naufragio, viene catturata dagli uomini del Gladiatrix games Lucio Balbo e resa schiava. Il libro scorre gladiatrix games rapido, tra esercitazioni, risse, combattimenti e gladiatrix games passionali. Veramente un buon libro, che consiglio. Nov 30, Seth Kaefring rated it liked it.

The book Gladiatrix was not what I expected it to be. I have to admit I was a little disappointed with this book free3dadultgamescom review I had high hopes for it. It was a pretty graphic book involving violence, language, sex and rape. I can handle the violence and language but I don't like gladiatrix games read graphic stories on rape.

It's humanoid porn not my cup of tea. I would have also preferred a better story that revolved more around the life of a gladiatrix and not just this one person.

Also this book comes t The book Gladiatrix was not what I expected it to be. Also this book gladiatrix games to assume gladiatrix games if you put a bunch of women together without the company of men then they start to become lesbians. This book gets pretty graphic and I won't share the specific details, but again, it wasn't my cup of tea.

Alone, she walked through the darkness of the passageway towards the sun-filled amphitheatre.

games gladiatrix

As she drew closer to the arena, she became aware of the sound from above- a rhythmic, thrumming cadence that began skyrim uncensored sex mod gladiatrix games periphery of her consciousness. Distant at first, it became hypnotic as a siren's gladiatrix games, permeating the stone around her, penetrating her to the very bone. Its what they do to entertain themselves. And that every gladiator who fights in the arena accepts or comes gladiatrix games accept that they must fight and also that they come to like the games, even though they could be killed.

Wow, that is a total coincidence. I knew Bethany's name meant 'house of figs', but I never bothered to look up the meaning of Olynda's name.

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I had quite the list too, before I settled on those titles. I run into a lot of unintentional symbolism sometimes. I want you all to know that Gentleman Gladiatrix games is a good guy and a gladiatrix games to all humanity despite his singular eye for tearing apart gladiatrix games hentai girl's dignity! A Dance with Spies by prwo [module page - on the old vault] [module page - on the new vault].

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Module contains sexual situations and uses intimate animations. Only a male human character can be played.

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It revolves around the main ADWR story, but introduces its own story line as well. Demonheart - Prelude by Lovelamb [module page - on the new vault] [module page - on the old vault] [project blog]. Module contains sexual content and intimate animations romances come later.

Module contains mature content ranging from murder, violence, sex, decapitation, firearms, smoking, and otherwise nasty things. Scion is a continuation of the tale started in Erebus: In the Shadows of Darkness by FallynRayne [module page - best mobile hentai games the new vault] [module page - on nexus] [project blog].

At least one level of fighter is required. The Wink and Kiss gladiatrix games WKBuilder [module page - on the new vault] [module page - on the old vault] [project blog].

Module contains descriptive sexual scenes with animations, or sometimes just animated. It is character-centered and there is no fighting. Gladiatrix by FallynRayne [module page gladiatrix games on the new vault] [module gladiatrix games - on gladiatrix games [project blog]. Four possible final romances.

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Fighter is recommended and at least one level gladiatrix games fighter is required. Dragon Claw Inn by Rusal [module gamex - on the old vault] [module page - on the new animг© hentai.

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Trials of the Academy by Wwe fucking [module page - on gladiatrix games old vault] [module page - on the new vault]. Module contains multiple romance options 2 men for females, and gladiatrix games woman for males. Trials is rated Adult, because of sexual content and nudity.

From the module's description: