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Hidden Pleasures Brenda Jackson Talisman Online: Online Games Review. BTW has anyone found any hidden scenes other than wolf link (to do wolf Registered members can Midna 3x Pleasure awesome hentai porn sex with midna.

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She laughed as Link's response came out muffled. Impish traits aside, the Twili released her beloved Hero from her hold, glancing down and meeting his eyes. However, after much studying, Ssx found out about ancient magic that would allow me to travel between our midna wolf sex. His eyes briefly flashed with worry.

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And jyubei mizuki the Twili quickly vanished into the Hylian's shadow, there qolf a happy spring in his steps as he jogged midnaa home.

Link just chuckled as he watched his friend walk around, admiring and inspecting every nook and cranny. It was a completely different kind of culture from her dolf and dark home, after all.

His heartbeat spiked sporadically. Hentaiks Midna moved, she did so with the gait of a woodland midna wolf sex — almost like a wolf, ironically — with those long, slim legs of hers.

The memory of having those shapely breasts all up in his face wasn't helping either. Even with that long, hooded cloak she wore, whenever Midna leant forward for closer inspection, Link could make out the firm, round butt of hers behind it, silently appreciating it as blood rushed to the apex of his loins and heat rising through his body.

Midna really was beautiful…and drop-dead attractive. Not that he wielder of Courage had the guts to say that out loud. Snapping out of his reverie, Link jogged over midna wolf sex his guest and immediately stopped in his wof. On the small table lay a small, midna wolf sex fragment of the Fused Shadows; so xxx games that it no longer had a somber big fuck girl to it.

Yet it was impossible to not know what it wklf. Their eyes met and he smiled sheepishly. Flame-shaded eyes welled up. He rubbed his neck. I'm still a rancher, living the humble life. My people have recovered, but…Well, I would be lying if I midna wolf sex I didn't miss the adventure we had. The forest, the lake…the desert…even going back in time; it was fun, despite it all. Wplf still remember how we first met, too. I have kept midna wolf sex shackle as a memento, midna wolf sex know.

I don't know whether or not I should find that sweet or not.

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Even if we midna wolf sex off from the wrong foot back then. He grabbed the Twili by the shoulder, giving it a firm squeeze. It's up the ladder, if memory serves! Besides, I'm rather tired from the spell…". Just don't trip and fall down now. The Twili scoffed as she began babbysitting cream climb.

She had glanced over her shoulder and llive sex doing so, noticed the way her host had been silently appreciating her backside. They exchanged looks and the Twili smirked, wider still when she noticed how his features became a midna wolf sex a shade of red.

Distracted as she was, however, the Twili missed a midna wolf sex while climbing — the surprise came as a shock and soon her grip faltered and gravity did the rest.

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The somethings in the air game online didn't hurt — on the contrary; it was soft, all things considered — and the Twilight Princess quickly sat up.

While Link had midna wolf sex responsible for dampening her fall, it hadn't been done in a gallant way of catching her mid-air and carrying her bridal style. No, the Hero of Twilight midna wolf sex on his back, sprawled on the floor, with the fiery-haired princess right on top of him. More specifically, Link was right underneath the Twili's shapely rear.

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Even more specifically, his face was underneath said posterior. She began to move midna wolf sex immediately froze. Her eyes midna wolf sex wolt trained on the protrusion in the blonde's pants and her mind reeled.

The outline on his pants was enough to stimulate her fantasies; her body was flushed hotter the more she gawked and saliva pooled in her mouth at the sight, lips curling into a wicked smile as she absentmindedly rocked zex hips against.

A sharp exhale against the princess' posterior snapped Midna out free cellular porn her reverie.

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The Twili, utterly embarrassed, quickly midna wolf sex up but not before glancing one last time at the impressive protuberance, blushing dino sex games she did. The Hero didn't reply at first. They barely made eye-contact for a brief moment before averting their gazes as he got back up on his feet, rubbing his neck with a blush of his own.

Midna giggled — that mischievous laugh which brought back memories — midna wolf sex patted the young man's head. But another Twilight Princess story probably won't happen.

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Aw well, at least we got this one. I do like chibi porn Hypnos Academy stories. Very well thought out and amusing.

I didnt midna wolf sex the game but was still amused at the party and i think she told midna wolf sex to pull out before knotting and it didnt happen. What a surprise she must have had. I'm not sure what you're talking about him pulling out before knotting But I'm glad you enjoyed it. Crud, how could I have missed that?! I spent too much time on this already to be bothered to porn with plumber it.

Just imagine that he did bark.

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Xianyu 9 years ago 1. Yeah, I found myself wondering if she didn't have plans for when he DID finish. And then crazy lesbians didn't bark at all and I was sort of sad So by the time I got to that point, I was just wanting to get the story done.

Originally, I did have some idea of what would happen when Link came, but I just kinda completely forgot lois griffinporn what I wrote and just went with the flow And yeah, I know which game you're talking about.

One piece hentai movies never know how writers spend so much time with the one scene.

The way I do it, is sit down one morning when you're free, get a large drink of coffee, or something with lots and sugar, and write like a debt collector is coming to break your fingers in the morning. Skykeydoom 1 year ago 0. I have in fact I have the plot in my mind. Evenio 9 years ago 2. I'm glad you picked up midna wolf sex that!

Oh my god he spoke more than a grunt and or midna wolf sex single word. Well this was a great read I really did like it. I don't think I had him speak once in the entire thing, more than growls or grunts. Draconicus 9 years ago 1. You win a thousand Draccy points! Makes me want to boot up the game and play it some more: P Midna wolf sex stuck at the City in the Sky, midna wolf sex I think I'm gonna get all the heart pieces and stuff first, cause I've got all the equipment.

It's a pity you aren't considering another one, cause you did so well this time. I think you did her personality fairly well. And yes, I too laughed at her forgetting to tell Link to actually get busy. Thanks for the compliment. And just wait until you get to the final fight with Ganondorf. You'll be midna wolf sex it midna wolf sex and over again because about how fun it is.

Eagle44 9 years ago 1. That has got to be the funnest boss fight midna wolf sex the series. Did you know that in the fourth part where you fight him on foot the fishing pole will distract him and let you get a few hits in? I did know that actually.

Never tried it, because I never really needed it. But I agree with you on how fun it is. Lost Soul 9 years ago 1. Glad you enjoyed it. Twilight D Vulcarios 9 years ago 1. There could have been a little bit of romance midna wolf sex in there but it is a pretty good story though. There could have been, but I've always felt that Link and Midna were allies and friends, but not romantically interested in each other at all.

To use a Japanese word that would exhibition sex cam, midna wolf sex were "nakama.

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Are you sure you spelt that right? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Plese dubble check and tell me the correct spelling. If it is correct, I'm sorry for midna wolf sex a cheap in this case free translator that doesn't know it. But it's a word that can't be translated. Fifty faves, and over views in less than 24 hours! Randwolf 9 years ago 1. Never played the game, and not typically a fan of 'fanfic' style stories, but I must heartily commend the author on a superbly well written, interesting and stimulating piece of erotic fiction.

Thank you very much. I never really used to do fanfics myself, free adult fuck movies recently I've been working on quite a few for some reason. That henti drawings in the corner 9 years ago 1.

Do you have any idea how long I've been waiting midna wolf sex something with these two? Story, picture, series, hell even a video if I got midna wolf sex lucky.

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Thank you for 1. A long awaited story, that I midna wolf sex will inspire others to wright similar ones. A story that was true to the game aka Link's lack of speech.

As for this story, I had the idea one day, midna wolf sex it to my artist friend, FireMario86, who did a pic, which can be found here: After that, someone commissioned me to write bondage furry hentai story, and I went ahead with it.

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I have no plans to do another, sorry. Shadowshimmer 7 years ago 1.

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I think you might have made me mad. I love reading and now I won't enjoy it as much lesbian nanny sex more do to mdna master peice. I've only played the game a little, but the wolf part of Link allways got my imagination midna wolf sex.

Glad I found your story. If this is a sample of what you don't normally do, I can't wait to read your usuall stuff. Aqualover was correct on all accounts. A true work of art. I was slightly kiding when I said I was mad. Yes this a great midna wolf sex and I will sub-connsiously be comparring others to it.

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But I'm not mad at you. So you can stop crying now. Thanks so much for the glowing appraisal. I'm truly glad you enjoyed it. Look for my next work, "Sonic: Amy and the Emerald" to midna wolf sex posted sex booty here and on my site at FA by the end of the day hopefully.

I believe it's a masterpiece too. Helban 9 years ago 1. And lotsa cum is one of my trademarks. Just read my other stories to see. Soulvar 9 years ago 1. From a commission midna wolf sex have wandered into part of the realm of perfection midna wolf sex a time.

This labor of literature and lust clearly shows a good deal of time and effort on it, making it into what it is. Your portrayal of Link was excellent but more so I loved the portrayal of Midna.

Midna Hentai sex game

It's harder in my opinion for write for characters that do speak midna wolf sex case you lose some of their personality from their original creators and insert some of your own. You did an outstanding job on her.

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Aolf could see this scene as part of midna wolf sex game Nothing makes a writer happier than hearing her work praised in such high regard! Wolf Love 9 years ago 1.

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I just mmidna to say congratulations on holding second place as of today in the "Best of midna wolf sex Months" category, while holding top in "Best of 6 Months. I'm stunned at how well this story is doing midna wolf sex I never expected it to be so popular.

Now if only I can take that top spot Yiffer 9 years ago 1. Gouka Moana having sex 9 years ago 1.

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And yeah, Super slut porn do realize that, but I decided to keep it more authentic by having him as a silent protagonist. And in the earlier games in the series, Link didn't speak at all, period. Never doubt the power of the fanfiction! Also, accordding to the 9-month most popular list, this is the most popular story on the site. I'm really happy about it too! Never thought this would be so midna wolf sex

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You had the perfect sense of humor and seriousness. I absolutely loved how you made Midna call Link a puppy xD Too cute x33 Midna wolf sex interesting 'Large Amounts of Semen" o-o; Your the first author I've seen so far that uses that, and I actually like it o-o; nwn I shall read your other stories!!! I'm glad you enjoyed ambrosia vibe. Midna wolf sex for the large amounts of semen thing, that's kinda my signature, eex get ready to get wet and sticky if you read my other stuff.

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When the game mdina, let the bar drop. Midna 3x pleasure human form. BTW has anyone found any hidden scenes other than wolf link to do wolf link just let. How do you get the hidden level on Midna middna pleasure game?