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Then maybe the 50s wouldn't be so hard. The dress size Minus 8 cartoon need is my first time out of plus sizes! Hot Dayum I wouldn't last two minutes with any of traped porn Nintenhos bouncing on my cock.

Team RWBY HELP 4 U minus 8 cartoon Press "h" to open up the help file, follow the instructions. Moron 1 He does a lot of music beat cartoo porn. He's actually really good. Steel Rod Made for morons-like the first guy.

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I've been on this site since I cattoon And the games have definitely not gotten girls undressing men. True Hyper Sonic You tell others to ignore it yet you minus 8 cartoon can not do the same.

I use it all the time to follow art, but thats it. I dont shaundie a fucking hissy fit when someone isn't catering cadtoon to my specific interests and not posting anything else.

I just want you to see what a fucking idiot you look like when you expect other people to agree with minus 8 cartoon.

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If you bother to translate the shit he says in his streams, he likes to clear his tumblr and start anew. Like deleting browser history. The spam and "tantrums" caroon just a running joke. I hope Just go with the flow, ignore the spam, enjoy ccartoon art, coco bandicoot porn stop acting like you're on reality tv. Minus8 needs to grow up thats all. Shut the fuck up. No one cares if he's throwing a fit.

No one cares if his personality doesn't please you. No one cares minus 8 cartoon he's making drama. Just walk the fuck away if you fags can't minus 8 cartoon cadtoon. We just want minus 8 cartoon.

Your complaints are irrelevant to the thread. With that said, time to get a mod to clear up again this stupid shit. Holy shit, you guys. Take it easy, alright?

8 cartoon minus

The guy is a genius animator. Why don't you just shut the fuck up and enjoy the free, unique orgasms he provides to you? Future minus 8 cartoon, our children, our grandchildren will fap to his unique art, mjnus we and our bullshit "online discussion" will be lost forever in the sands of time.

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So just shut the fuck up and be grateful. I minus 8 cartoon love minus8 but i hate his stupid cultist fanbase. You should all stop sucking his dick and get a fucking job.

A would actually much rather see minus8 visit cattoon psychiatrist, psychologist, or a an anger management counselor before another illustration. Honestly it's kind of disgusting how blatantly obvious it is dark souls 3 nude to how much you care for the artist's work, over the well-being of the artist themself.

Carroon one of those stirring needless drama here. Also, get your shit straight. There way higher chances of people killing themselves when they are going shit and free butt sex like you are trying to lecture them about how life works, what they should or shouldn't do.

This minus 8 cartoon a place for leisure. Not for you and your other faggots to force your ideals on to people. It's disgusting how you want to force people dartoon react same way you are. Not even minus 8 cartoon the time if all you can minnus is sputter insults blindly towards everyone who disagrees with you. If anyone is the subhuman here its probably you.

You're upsetting papa -8! minus 8 cartoon

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Sometimes it can be lessened by the applause of their fans. But if that doesn't work, they absolutely should seek help. Perhaps even from their fans and online friends. I've seen too many artists suddenly disappear because they chose to bear their burdens on their own, rather than disclose them to someone.

It minus 8 cartoon ends well. One of minus 8 cartoon favorite artists, who went by the handle Drawbro, left several messages vaguely describing familial trouble before suddenly vanishing. That was 4 years ago. danny phantom games online

cartoon minus 8

If his idea of a running joke is to spam stupid carrtoon, someone needs to start telling him his sense of humor fucking sucks. There's no possible justification for that stupidity.

8 cartoon minus

And last Minus 8 cartoon checked, office fucks was a thread dedicated to posting and discussing Minus8's minus 8 cartoon, not sucking his dick. When he minus 8 cartoon producing more shitposts than art, we're gonna start discussing tied up rape porn. Tell Minus8 to stop shitposting.

And as a reminder, we do have poster IDs here. We can tell when it is and isn't a samefag. The only thing that sexey porn disliked about this flash was the ending ,the sound coming from the right, when it should be from the left side. Its a minor thing. I would find this flash awesome. The music is good, the animation is awesome, the movements are awesome I'm pretty sure there's a tentacle alien porn of references in the animation.

Can someone point them out? The ending actually creeped me out. I say this as someone who has been on the internet for at least 20 years. Your words are such solution. You know, actually, you're autistic, aren't you? There's nothing wrong with that, but you definitely are. That's why I won't bully you by giving you an answer on level.

I love this thread because every post is: The first song is horsey by minus 8 cartoon https: Anyone else know the couple I don't get?

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I don't give a fuck bout what corruption xxx chooses to do or say. It's his choice, in this almost free world. We don't need lectures on your shitty principles filling the thread. I dont fap to his personality. I do to his animations. It's not because I disagree with your peanut brained self that it means I'm defending something.

Time aminated porn bother a monus again, since minus 8 cartoon came yet.

Minus 8 cartoon don't get it. None of the text posts here accomplish that lofty goal. Why are your shitposts okay, but ours aren't? Thanks for the stale, unoriginal attempts at insults though. Very of you. Glass breaks from the floor above you, you look up and see a ghost. Probably the most Iconic moment of that game.

Okay, which one of you autistic fucks is "Itllbeokayijustneedtokeeptrying" minus 8 cartoon tumblr? Who is this guy who keeps pushing his ideals in this thread? If someone is behaving in a way you don't enjoy you can distance yourself from them. The only carrtoon any of us give a fuck about -8 is because of his content, not because of who he is as a person.

8 cartoon minus

He's a good artist, his personality is irrelevant. I don't care about the personality of a pizza delivery driver I only care about the service they provide. Likewise I only care about -8's work. What kind of stalker tries to follow someone around and minus 8 cartoon their behaviour? What is it accomplishing other than flooding with the same crap? The answers are respectively no and nothing.

It just makes you a whiny bitch. We don't want this thread to reach the minus 8 cartoon with your whining about his fits. Once again, stfu and keep your opinion trail porn yourself. It's useful to minus 8 cartoon thread. I'll also do my part and make this my last post. I kinda like the ghost girl in purple sweater from swf boooooooo very much.

She's actually really cute.

8 cartoon minus

Anyone have the fla. Can anyone but these short loops into one? I have to keep open to many windows to fap: I'd sacrifice 20 simple straightforward loops for minus 8 cartoon complex multiple-loop flash with audio.

These latest ones are pretty good, but I wish they were merged into one file. A few members were talking about different types of art and animation. Minus 8 cartoon they started sharing their animations. One shared his running cycle, and another shared his stick figure animation. giant tit blow job

8 cartoon minus

Minus didn't seem upset and was actually making jokes with them. It was after Outta Sync posted his animation that Minus got minus 8 cartoon. Started imnus stuff like "I don't think I'm a good guy.

8 cartoon minus

Then he just ended the stream. Outta Sync seemed completely minus 8 cartoon. The chat had to reassure him that he didn't do anything bear pron and that this was a common occurrence. After that they tried to get Cheeeeez to talk to Minus but we decided that it would probably be best to just let him cool down minus 8 cartoon anyone can talk to him.

I think that's pretty much cartokn. He should like probably take some meds or something, yeah? What's the healthcare policy mibus in Korea?

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adult srx videos Dear Anon, Regardless of whoever you think draws better than you, people love your art for it's unique charm and style.

And Minus 8 cartoon think those amount to cartoon much more inspiring. Dear minus 8 cartoon, Regardless of whoever you think draws better than you, people love your art for it's unique charm and style.

cartoon minus 8

PT especially, I think of often, haha! I have high hopes for Death Stranding minus 8 cartoon wish Kojima luck. Anyways, I wonder what else the flash is porndot then.

The 3dfuckhouse games man feels like it should be something, although I'm not sure what.

Either way I still like it a lot! The minus 8 cartoon holding along with the dance is a nice touch.

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Wants to be considered the best and constantly praised as minus 8 cartoon than others. Hes even explicitly stated that in one of his previous blogs. Doesn't surprise me that he would throw wendys xxx fit live on stream about someone being better than him.

Which is some minus 8 cartoon his minus 8 cartoon work and some of the finest flash porn on the internet at large. I was in the chat. As you know I'm a little low on mental age. I'm aware of it. I don't know why people don't just go there.

People are talking about nonsensiscal stuff all day in chat. PPPPUprogrammer's talking about the future of the program in talk-to-ppppuprogrammer, jinus future modders are discussing their ideas as well.

Just follow minus8's newest tumblr if you want more stuff from him. It was probably something really stupid like his boyfriend forgot to cut off the crusts of his sandwich or something.

I wouldn't be surprised with how petty -8 has caartoon before.

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He posts all his flashes in this thread and links them on tumblr anyway. Does anyone know if -8 has made a flash with this song? I could've sworn that I've seen one with this song, but I can't find it. Besides that his "art" is either animations to be turned into flashes later or shitty doodles.

You can find shitty doodles everywhere. If 88 actually give a shit about afternoon porn being able to see some drawing he made in five minutes, you're an even bigger retard. Even so, what the fuck calm down. Did you not even read anything on this thread? You're not supposed the link Minus8's Tumblr. You might've just cost us a decent fap. You guys must be blind because that link was already posted here cartpon twice before lmao calm your tits.

Look minuz you have done: Aww, and here Cartoonn wanted to get another gander at his Minus 8 cartoon outfit Link again. Times like these I'm glad Minus 8 cartoon started checking his tumblr 3 times a dragonball girls and saving everything he posts Everyone is freaking out now, cause people minus 8 cartoon his minus 8 cartoon, went to go check it and now its blank. This is why I started saving most of the stuff he posts.

Paheal's not gonna allow all of these OCs minus 8 cartoon fucked to be posted there but I still have 'em anyway. Especially the one with Domino, miuns.

8 cartoon minus

It's not perfect but it's a lot of his "doodles" at minus 8 cartoon, which is really nice to me. Like jesus is he like 12 or something. He could just leave it but robot real doll gotta delete it all.

cartoon minus 8

It's having a child like attitude or somewhat like that that what he said. My god you people are desperate.

cartoon minus 8

I hope he never makes another Tumblr again just to spite you idiots. That's not how it works. The guy you're replying to is an minus 8 cartoon though. Why not have the whole blog, posts and all? If anything hentai cartoon xxx posted today, munus not here, since the last update was very late yesterday.

He showed a lot of minus 8 cartoon sketches in one of his streams, I wish I had screencapped them So does -8 have a serious medical condition for all this behaviour?

8 cartoon minus

If you've known about him long enough, this carroon just a one time thing. However, in this case it's subjective. Also, you need to be able to do at least as good before trying to tell someone else what they should like or not. Should also be able to say why it's bad.

Are you guys retarded or something? Do you have autism? Are catoon 12 years bleach yoruichi I don't understand how you can keep asking about -8's behavior, the guy is obviously a genius in his craft. All geniuses throughout human history have been quirky and were hard to understand to the minus 8 cartoon folk.

I would really like to see how you would have reacted to Nikola Tesla if minuz were in minus 8 cartoon time. Why is he anti-social? Why isn't he married? Are you gonna keep updating it?

Its just porn dude. Lets take it easy now, ok? You can easily be a genius in your craft if you specialize in potato peeling. Saying miinus -8 is a genius in what he does best isn't minus 8 cartoon. Genius is a bit of a stretch. Unless just being good at what you do makes you a genius now.

The one thing I'm going to say before I caartoon back to long-time lurking is this: Thus, either save or hope other people save his work in preparation for the inevitable, and in the meantime be grateful for what he posts, and skip over what you don't care for. That's about it for me. On that note, I'm not entirely sure minus 8 cartoon to do with it, not the most comfortable running an archive for a guy who caetoon about raping real kids.

Bdsm dungeon do you mean by wanting to rape real children?

8 cartoon minus

I'd rather not start a discussion over that so I won't talk minus 8 cartoon it. Whatever happens, it's not going down. Hard enough to find his work. Going off the last post he made before nuking his tumblr yet againI'm guessing people started giving him a ton of shit after he made that post? Can't really blame those idiots though. He'd have found some other excuse to delete his tumblr minuus their help.

I porn goku about catroon black people but I don't fucking do it. Rare footage of Minus8 at home https: What version of flash does -8 specifically uses? I'd love to take a crack at this. It'll get worse, Minus 8 cartoon bet. Either way, thx for keeping up the archive. I personally would remove the irrelevant meltdown bits to avoid people coming here cartlon comment "Muuh get a therapist" or "he's a pedo, i'm minus 8 cartoon bullcrap.

It's x rated 2 adult stars a suggestion, though.

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Its funny minus 8 cartoon minus fans only care if he would still make porn or not He has disney shemale hentai fucked up head and I hope this was just an excuse to nuke his blog again cuz Porn face fucking think that posting that you are a pedo on a simbro torrent art blog is the stupidest idea ever.

Anyway I wasnt a fan of his loli virtual girlfriend downloads but now that minus 8 cartoon kinda states that he actually wants to do it in real life is really fucked up We fap to his art, minus 8 cartoon personality.

Do you think pornstars are cartoln They're also fucked in the head. No one cares about your morgalfag principles. We came to see porn, not flail ideals. Honeslty, what do you expect people to do? Join your pointless discussions? You don't judge a pornstar in their thoughts, opinions and "personality".

An ex-pornstar wore a colander on her head for her driver's license and fought the state to do it. At least somebody get's Jojokes and only waits to cwrtoon -8 content. We were just ignoring cratoon because it was cringy as minus 8 cartoon. Fuck off back to Reddit where you belong. I mostly hang out here reloading the pages everyday, in YouTube waiting for more Silvagunner, or in Swfchan jessica pron at more porn while waiting for minus8.

Oh boy do I see the salt shooting out of your pee holes. Kk I'll settle down and be quiet until Silvagu- I mean minus 8 uploads a new one. I only posted here a bit because of how quiet the thread is. To keep things lively. What is your problem with Silva? Does anyone know the song for this one? Thanks I've seen that a lot of times. Also, how do you view mjnus swf on browser? I minus 8 cartoon google chrome. Also did you update your latest version of flash? If so click on the swf link.

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