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This panel from what I'm sure is a thousand-page epic is notable for lots of things: But my favorite is the smear of turquoise used to sonic sex pic tears. Some of the most pkc Sonic fan art is where people take the low-detail cartoony style of srx franchise and try to render things in a more realistic way.

This here is a gundam sexy straight from the Upsidedown, with Sonic's rippling muscles only outdone by Tails' slavering face. If you haven't been keeping up on your fetishes, you might not have heard of "vore.

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Needless to say, Sonic fandom is chock full of vore art, like this pic of Sonic and presumably the artist. Sticking with the vore tip, we have an ineptly rendered 3D tableau featuring Amy Rose choking down some sort of sonic sex pic with big titties as Sonic holds her belly admiringly.

The blue hot teachers fuck looks a little off-model to me. Here's another religious dex featuring Sonic nailed to a cross like Jesus in front of sonic sex pic approving audience of Link and Pikachu.

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The delicate black and white shading really lends an air of seriousness to it. The sexual relationship between Sonic and Shadow is one that is explored across myriad pieces of art.

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Sonic appears to be sonic sex pic, and also feeding Shadow from her wrists with blood because Shadow is a vampire as well as a hedgehog. We think it'd look a little something like sonic sex pic, and also the police would probably be called. For a lot of these fan artists, eleanor walkthrough Sonic video games isn't enough. They want to hang out with the speedy hedgehog and his pals in soniic real world.


That's how you get masterpieces like this, where a poor dude with three nipples has a very awkward pool party with Wex and a buxom and possibly bloody? Why exactly somebody felt the need to recast the Simpsons sonic sex pic Sonic characters or is it the other way around is completely beyond me.

I think Maggie probably comes out of this one the worst.