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She was dressed in a silky white see-through nightie with a lacy white bra and panties. Dipper was speechless and stunned.

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Stunned because he wehdy saw Wendy look damn good as of right now. And speechless because of the way that Wendy's bust size had suddenly increased.

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She went from a b-cup to a c-cup in just wendy and dipper sex short amount of time. Dude, you don't have to sound so gay. Live it up, dork. I kinda noticed that you didn't get me a present Her tone of voice turned very sultry and very exotic as Scholl girl porno turned to the door and locked it.

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Dipper felt a bit nervous, but why shouldn't he be? This was Wendy he was looking at Dipper should be wendy and dipper sex on both the outside and the inside, but he up skirt hentai to play the nervous act just for fun.

After she locked the door, Dipper got cornered in a wall, noticing that Wendy was strutting slowly towards him. Micro-seconds later, Wendy's body was pressed into Dipper's as she whispered into him.

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Instead, he was cut off by a passionate kiss from Wendy. Feeling his lips pressed, Dipper's eyes popped up like an air bag!

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Maybe it was from her slippery tongue that caused the pressure in his eyes to inflate. Dipper wanted to fight annd, but he couldn't. Luckily, Dipper wendy and dipper sex want to fight back.

His response to the kiss was magical. He returned with a kiss of his own, just to outmatch Wendy's tongue with his. The match was very intense from the start.

Read Gravity Falls reviews from parents on Common Sense Media. Apps, Games & Websites Adult Written byTVParent December 3, This title contains: Positive role models. Sexy stuff. Drinking, Drugs & Smoking from Mabel's search for an epic summer romance to Dippers huge crush on a teen named Wendy.

His tongue moves emitted a very passionate moan from Wendy, which made music to Dipper's ears like none other. The makeout forced Dipper's hands to grab a hold of the strap from Wendy's see-through white lingerie. He sent the piece of silk sliding down off her shoulders and onto the floor. Dipper then proceeded to hook Wendy's white bra off her body. With flying colors, Dipper finally got the thing off.

After breaking off that kiss, Dipper marveled at the bare cleavage that was Wendy. Her pale white breasts were the wendy and dipper sex extravagant thing Dipper saw coming from his now year gratis porn mind.

It was so luscious and tantalizing that Dipper wanted wendy and dipper sex get a handful, but he couldn't. Contrary to Wendy's words, her hands got a grasp on Dipper's wendy and dipper sex that rhymedand sent the little silver jewel sliding off his shorts.

When Wendy looked back up, she was really amazed at the sight. All eight inches of Dipper's prime meat. Who knew that an year old with such a skinny build had such a strong manhood? Licking her pale yet sweet lips, Wendy charged and sent Dipper's entire size inside her mouth. Pushing in and out, Wendy's lips felt the stiff pink rim ram her slowly through her throat. It was gonna be sore, but this is what Dipper wanted for his special occasion.

Girls fuck boys porn wanted to taste him, stroke him and suck him every chance she could get from all wendy and dipper sex this. His playsexgames com 8-inch friend was being washed down, watered down and polished back and forth. It was like a car being washed, only if the car became Dipper's hardened erection and the entire foam being Wendy's entire stream of saliva.

Wendy's head started futa shark harder into the muscle which forced more moans coming from Mabel's twin brother. In her point of view, Dipper had a bit of a honey taste. It was like taking one taste out of a beehive.

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Dipper's eyes started to roll from the back of his head, feeling the intense pressure. He gripped to the couch cushions uncontrollably, feeling the amazing sexual turbulence.

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Wendy soon separated from Dipper. Not too long ago, Wendy laid on the bed furry hentai website spread those silky long legs to him. Dipper gleamed an amount of sweat going straight to his forehead. His manhood was begging to give her more.

Dipper read her seduction like a clear book. With wendy and dipper sex devilish smirk, Dipper carefully inserted his erection into Wendy's walls, to the point that he began shifting his hips back dipoer forth.

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Wendy squealed with delight as she took a good job withstanding the wenndy pain from Dipper altogether. His throbbing cock felt an amount of heat and blood flow coming inside her.

The sensation containing their combined body heat became highly at best, which meant deeper penetration and harder thrusts. She didn't this pure sexual madness to end. Luckily, Dipper didn't want to stop.

His hardened bulge pounded wendy and dipper sex vaginal section one by one.

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None Mild Racist themes or content Racist themes or content Strong racist themes or hot toons sex. None Mild suggestive content Moderate suggestive or sexual content Explicit or wendy and dipper sex sexual content. This story follows the adventures of an original character named Alexander and his life as it collides with Mushroom World.

For those of you familiar with my work this is a rewrite of The Conquering Koopa.

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Read on and you'll understand why. Dipper joins a wendy and dipper sex to try and become more cool, but it turns out he's signed up for more than he expected: Wendy asked Cartman to babysit her son while she and Stan visits her mother in law at the hospital.

Lots of exhibitionism, bestiality, delivery boy sex, your warned: Monthly Patron Request Themes: Consensual, Dubcon, Breeding Word Count: Wendy Marvell has become an adult but she still feels like she's stuck in the body of a kid because of her petite frame.

She wasted no time almost knocking the game board out of the way. She first started to anc Dippers cock and, licking the tip of it making Dipper breath deeply.

Then she took the first 5 inches in her mouth licking all around wendy and dipper sex shaft, and sucking it like it was a straw.

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Dipper started to breath harder and deeper; while Wendy was using one hand to pump his dick and her other one to tend to her soaking wet pussy. Wendy I'm goanna Dipper could not finish his sentence, he came inside Wendy's mouth which she gladly drank and cleaned up the rest of his shaft and balls. T… that was incredible Wendy, dipper said while breathing heavily. It your turn to roll dipper Wendy said excitedly okay dipper mustered up the last of his strength and rolled, 6 it as another red card this time Dipper wendy and dipper sex to eat Wendy out.

Look's like its time for anc to repay that wendy and dipper sex Dipper Wendy said while spreading his legs dipper had crawled over wendy and dipper sex Wendy and dove his face straight into her pussy like he was at a pie eating contest. He began by licking webdy her lips and then he stuck his tong inside which sent electricity up Wendy's spine. D…dipper how are y…you so good at this. I don't know I guess its just natural talent, he then went back to work and swirling his ryoko tenchi hentai around in Wendy's pussy di;per made her cum and he drank all of her sweet juices.

Wendy baby I'm sexy female anthro where you at girl. Shit its Robbie, dipper began to hide Wendy got up, and walked over to Robbie complete naked. Wow baby if you wanted it so bad al you had to do was tell me so Robbie stared to unbutton his skinny jeans.

Save it Robbie we are throw I'm done with you, you little skinny jeans small dick bitch. Robbie just cried wendy and dipper sex ran away. Wendy did you just break up with Robbie. I sure did I'm all yours now dipper, now lets finish this game in your room.

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